Frame what you love, love what you frame.

A lot of the clients we see here at Marcus Framing really love what they’re getting framed, while a lot of clients are so-so or only luke-warm about it.

That’s why I tell clients that the first step towards successful framing is starting with a piece of art that you truly love, and really want to show off with an elegant frame.

It’s an honour for us to frame whatever work you give us, but we’re particularly enthusiastic when you are too!

So what do people tend to ‘love’ to get framed?

Anything personal, be it a photo or┬ámemento, always gets a great reaction. Sports jerseys are also a sure-time favourite and they create a great impact when they are framed. Not to forget, of course, the unusual. The snakeskin found on the side of a road becomes something completely different when framed – a piece of art, a story, a memory.

So my first tip in this our first post to the new Marcus Framing online framing blog: love what you frame, and you’ll love the results!

Until next time,

Claire Rosehill

Manager, Marcus Framing.

claire [at]