Spring is in the air, and it’s time to re-decorate.

At this time of year we’re inclined to look at our walls, floors, curtains, and furniture, with an eye to refreshing and redesigning. But don’t forget your pictures! Are they dated? Could you change the mount to suit your new colour-scheme? Change the frame to co-ordinate with different trends and your new decoration.

It’s amazing what re-framing an original or a print can do for the piece. We recently re-framed an original oil on canvas and instead of a frame to the image, we put it into a boxed tray frame. What a difference it made! The work is now far more attractive than before and the new frame has actually added financial value to the piece.

You could also look at changing the mount, which is the coloured board surrounding the image. It may have faded, in which case a fresh colour would enhance the print, and at very little cost.

A window cut to highlight dates is also worth considering. The photo you framed 20 years ago may have seemed like something you’d never forget, but as time passes, and memories fade, adding a window cut to the frame, captioning and dating it, helps preserve the when and where in your memory. This is especially true if it’s a historical piece.

So take a look at what’s on your walls and thing of how a new frame could improve those pieces. ┬áNo matter what you’re thinking of, our skilled team of framers can create something to meet and exceed your expectations.

See you soon!